Hufnagel founded the business in 2017 after spending many years as a college and university coach. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. Hufnagel met a shopkeeper named who wanted to be a coach by coincidence. Despite encountering several difficulties with the first exercise, Yanni Hufnagel achieved the Lemon Perfect.

There has been a dramatic increase in people using the internet to look for things they can send directly to their homes. This is a certain recipe for trouble for any newly initiated venture requiring physical labor. Since making a name for oneself in one’s chosen field is crucial, Hufnagel has used social media to promote his company’s wares and conduct official corporate business.

CEOs and other company officials utilize social media to rally their specific audiences to support their products. Hufnagel has the luxury of spending extensive time online responding to client comments and questions through various social media platforms. He benefited from his knowledge of business and coaching. The Lemon Perfect is a natural drink made from lemons hand-picked from Los Angeles region orchards.

The lemons go through a cold-pressing process at a carefully regulated temperature, which helps maintain the beverage’s potential health benefits. Not only did Hufnagel play basketball for the school, but he also coached the varsity squad.

Hufnagel uses Southern California-sourced, cold-pressed lemon juice, which helps preserve the fruit’s natural compounds. The widespread belief that the Lemon Perfect is good for one’s health has contributed to the drink’s meteoric rise in popularity from its origins in Los Angeles to the rest of the globe.

Yanni Hufnagel uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to his consumers. He posts pictures of himself with a lemon in his mouth and has a funny caption under it. Hufnagel also posts pictures of the product and tells stories about how he came up with the idea. He goes into great detail on why he chose each ingredient in the recipe and how each one contributes to the goal of making a delicious and healthy snack.

Yanni HufnagelHufnagel also uses social media to engage his customers and determine their thoughts about his product. He asks them questions like, “Is this product better than other lemon products?” Hufnagel likes all feedback from his customers. He even replies if someone finds mistakes in any part of the packaging or labeling. Yanni Hufnagel loves to be involved with his customers because it allows him to hear their opinions.