Tom Keane is a leading technology expert with over 20 years of experience in integrated and hybrid electronics design. He has collaborated with the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft to produce industrial design work that offers both style and functionality. He is currently one of the leaders in Azure Global at Microsoft.


Tom Keane has experience in cloud computing, which he has been practicing for over 25 years, and holds multiple patents. He has also contributed to the establishment of industry standards in this field. Keane has posted some blogs about Azure Global on the web, which have received numerous positive reviews. 


His most notable work is the establishment of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, a relatively new technology in the cloud computing industry. Some of the posts include:


Ground processing with space data 5x faster with Azure:

This post, Tom Keane explains how the use of Azure has made data processing 5x faster. The data used in this case is taken from space exploration missions. This is an example of how even space missions can use cloud computing.


First Microsoft cloud regions in the Middle East now available:

This post talks about how Microsoft established the first cloud regions in the Middle East. Tom Keane explains that this is done due to the high demand from many regional customers.


Microsoft Azure Government growth and enabling new cloud capabilities for defense customers: This post talks about how Microsoft Azure is receiving a lot of interest from defense customers. For Tom Keane, a new solution has been launched so that these customers can use cloud computing and maintain their data’s security and compliance.