Ross LevinsohnOver the course of his adult life, Ross Levinsohn has made a name for himself in the advertising, marketing and financial sectors. In 1990, he landed his first leadership role when he joined HBO as a production department manager. He would then spend time with large companies such as Yahoo, Guggenheim Digital Media and Tribune Interactive Media. Today, he is the top executive for both Maven and Sports Illustrated.

Levinsohn Has an Interesting History With Yahoo

In 2012, Levinsohn was appointed interim CEO of one of the best known internet search companies in the world. Although it was no longer considered the leader in its industry, the brand was hoping that it could position itself as a viable alternative to Google. It was thought that Ross Levinsohn would be the man to implement the plan that would help the company reach that goal. However, he was bypassed for the full-time CEO role in favor of Marissa Mayer. In 2016, Levinsohn was part of a group that made an offer to buy the company’s core assets, but it was rejected in favor of a less lucrative offer made by Verizon.

Guggenheim Made Him a CEO for the First Time in 2013

The fact that Yahoo let Levinsohn go meant that Guggenheim Digital Media was able to add a promising executive to its leadership committee. In fact, he was chosen to run the company that owned several major trade publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and Adweek. He would stay with the organization for about a year before choosing to go into business for himself as a venture capitalist.

How Did Ross Levinsohn Land His Current Roles?

Levinsohn was working for Tribune Interactive Media at the time that Sports Illustrated offered to make him the magazine’s CEO. According to Levinsohn, his main interests were history and sports. Therefore, the chance to work with Sports Illustrated seemed like a great opportunity for him. Maven provides the magazine with the resources needed to create, market and distribute its content. Therefore, the company had targeted him to be their next leader before its founder stepped aside in August 2020.