A company’s success can be measured by its impact on the community it serves. Haroldo Jacobovicz, CEO of Horizons Telecom from Curitiba, Brazil, is a prime example of how a leader can make a difference in their community through philanthropy and corporate social responsibility initiatives. His dedication to supporting educational causes in his hometown highlights the importance of giving back to those around you. Let’s explore why giving back is so important.


The Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy, or corporate social responsibility, refers to businesses donating money or resources to charitable organizations or local communities. This type of giving has many benefits for both the company and the people it serves. For example, when a company donates money or time to an organization, it helps that organization continue its mission and further its cause.

Additionally, engaging in corporate philanthropy allows companies to foster relationships with their customers and can even boost employee morale by allowing them to give back in a meaningful way.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Commitment to Education

Haroldo Jacobovicz is committed to giving back to his community through education-focused initiatives. He founded Horizons Telecom in 1996 with the goal of providing quality telecommunications services throughout Brazil, but he also wanted the company to have an impact beyond profits.

To that end, he has made it a priority for his business to support educational causes throughout Curitiba and beyond; this includes providing scholarships for students who otherwise would not be able to afford education and other projects designed to promote learning throughout the city.
The Power of Partnerships

In many cases, corporate philanthropic efforts are most successful when businesses partner with other like-minded organizations or individuals who share similar goals and values. By working with these partners, companies can increase their reach and have an even greater impact on the community at large than if they were acting alone. This could include everything from partnering with another organization on a specific project or program all the way up to forming an official nonprofit arm of your business dedicated solely towards philanthropic efforts.

It’s clear that corporate philanthropy has many benefits for both businesses and communities alike—and Haroldo Jacobovicz is just one example of how powerful these initiatives can be when done right. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s: Facebook Page.