Being a retired corporate attorney and philanthropist, Franci Neely worked in various capacities at the Gusman Godfrey, L.L.P. law firm.

Despite having multiple offices around the major cities in the United States, Neely loved working in Houston, Texas office.

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She was able to travel to Europe with some of the attorneys and even visit China.

She has focused her time on arts and culture since she retired.

At the Houston Cinema Arts Society, she assisted the theater with their fundraising efforts and donated back to a couple of other charities.

She has constantly searched for good causes that would benefit her community and others worldwide through NGOs and non-profit groups.

Franci Neely also plays a role in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and has played an important role in ascertaining that the museum continues to benefit Houston and Texas.

Neely has been a Houston Cinema Arts Society member since her retirement.

Also, she serves on the Moody Center for the Arts (MCA) board and the Menil Foundation as member.

As a lawyer, Franci Neely helped with various charitable organizations. She donated her time and money to organizations that were in need.

Neely believes that charitable organizations are essential for those who donate and receive the donations.

She has a passion for aiding others and thinks one should help others to get back what is due to them.

She feels you should donate to those who have less than you and are in need.

Franci Neely is a tireless worker and is confident that people will believe in her work.

Franci Neely formed her Foundation to help people and provide a mechanism to help others.

The Foundation’s mission is to issue grants to charitable organizations in need.

Neely’s vision is to assist children and families who have difficulties. It is to help individuals and not to harm them. It is to assist communities in need and particularly those that are disadvantaged.

Franci says she has financial advisors who are skilled and who are accountable.

She reviews the records periodically to ensure no wrongdoing, tax fraud, or conflict of interest.

Neely has a team of professionals she trusts and can depend on to complete her work and assist with her research.

Franci Neely supports those who believe in her vision and mission.