Scott DylanScott Dylan is the co-founder and current CEO of Fresh Thinking Group. This group provides services such as sales training, team building seminars, executive coaching, management training, and leadership workshops. Dylan has used his personal experiences to create a culture within Fresh Thinking Group which allows all employees to grow without fear of failure.

Dylan believes that “it’s through that process of learning and failing that you actually grow.” Fresh Thinking Group first began as a business with a focus on executive coaching. The organization has expanded to offer services such as sales training, team building seminars, management training, and leadership workshops.

The company’s success is greatly stirred by Dylan and his co-founders to recognize profitable areas in which they could expand services. Currently, the Fresh Thinking Group has spread its investment arms across the industries of manufacturing, finance, telecommunications, agriculture, and healthcare. They have also expanded internationally to include locations such as South Africa, India, and Singapore.

Scott Dylan believes in a strong company culture that values the employee’s thoughts on business operations. This allows employees to have a voice in management decisions and helps them to feel more engaged in their work environment. “In an era where the majority of employees feel disengaged, Fresh Thinking Group offers a unique culture that values employee input and contains no hierarchy.”

The organization has developed numerous innovative technology products that are currently running in the technology industry. These products have made it possible for companies to streamline communication and increase the performance of their employees. Scott Dylan is recognized as a leader in sales training who brings new ideas to the table on how to grow an organization’s revenue.

He believes that if companies focus more on implementing new ideas and stopping old ones, they will increase profits. The success of the organization can be primarily accredited to Dylan’s leadership style. He has built a culture within the company that allows employees to share ideas and feel valued.

Additionally, Scott Dylan has shown a dedication to the success of his employees by taking risks within the company to help them succeed. He has taken this unique approach because he wants to provide whatever is needed for the organization’s success.