Randal Nardone is a man who has been in business for many years. He has been in the executive positions of some of the biggest investment firms in the world. The one that gave him the most notice was being a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Here is a little more on Randal Nardone and what he was responsible for at Fortress Investment Group.

Prior to his work at Fortress he had worked his way up with other investment firms in order to gain experience. He first went to college at the University of Connecticut and earned a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law. This was able to set him up for what he would do at Fortress Investment Group.

1998 was a pivotal year for Randal Nardone. This was the beginning of Fortress Investment Group and he wanted to make sure it got off the ground. He first started off as the head of the Management Committee for Fortress and after a few years, it made him a billionaire overnight after a public offering in 2005. He was named to the Board of Directors of Fortress in 2006 and moved up to the CEO position in 2013.

Even though he has been through some rough patches with Fortress Randal Nardone still managed the company until it was bought by Softbank in 2017. The transition was smooth, and he was still able to stay on with the company. He is a familiar face to those at Fortress and the acquisition did not change that very much. He is still there today and manages other companies as well. He was able to earn his way to the top with determination, perseverance, and hard work. The view looks great for Randal Nardone, and he definitely appreciates it.