Steve Lesnard is the Global chief brand officer of Sephora. His knowledge and expertise in marketing, branding and advertising make him one of the most powerful and well-respected leaders in the industry. With his impressive achievements and many accolades he is easily one of the top brand men of our time. Lesnard’s expertise was placed to great use when he joined The North Face as its Chief Marketing Officer. Before that, he spent years at another company, where he created campaigns for various luxury brands and helped them achieve record sales numbers.

His approach of business world is simple, customer comes first. He treats his employees well so that they are motivated to perform at their best and have the best dedication to company’s cause. He has learned a lot about business from his friends who have excelled in different fields. His education background is exemplary. He has enough experience and his work proves that he is the best in what he does. He knows how to play as a team. His intuitive knowledge of the industry given his experience and success in the different marketing and advertising fields. He has a brilliant vision and understanding of what his company needs to do to reach its potential. He has worked hard to get where he is right now, which is why he has been able to overcome any obstacles that are there in front of him. He is not just determined but very efficient as well. Not everyone can be so skilled when it comes to business and more