Ross LevinsohnLevinsohn is a frequent speaker at trade shows and conferences and has been active in the industry for over twenty-five years. In addition to his investments in the technology and media industries, Ross Levinsohn is a regular on the podcast Angels in Your Digital Gym.

While Ross Levinsohn (Sports Illustrated CEO) is not a regular attendee at panels and events, he is most well-known for his prolific blog posts and videos on investing business and social media. In addition to his active blogging, Levinsohn is a serial entrepreneur in the technology, media, and food industries.

With over thirty investments to date, most of which have made a significant impact, Levinsohn is among the thriving investors in the digital space. He often contributes to the online news portal, The Verge, and has also published numerous blog posts and op-eds for outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other leading publications.

In contrast to many investors in the digital space, Levinsohn does not have a prior investment or business relationship with any company or product. Instead, the Sports Illustrated CEO holds a basic understanding of the market and investors’ financial needs in various stages of development.

Levinsohn also actively invests in the early stages of development but does not own any of the company or product. As such, he is not a proxy for any particular company or investment. Ross Levinsohn is well-known for his innovation and vision in the areas of data management, data profiling, and analytics. Besides his vital business leadership and investments, Levinsohn has been honored as a contributor to Forbes, Fortune, and other publications. That’s due to his passion for and knowledge of data.

Levinsohn takes pride in a unique insight into the industry, which he shares with investors in his blog posts. He shares his perspective on the financial impact of technological change on business, reveals how technology can strengthen investor confidence, and shares his story of growth and innovation.