Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of PosiGen, a solar power company. He ensures that the company reaches as many people as possible. Their main target is the low-to-moderate income communities. As such, it capitalized on its customers’ savings. As PosiGen CEO states, those who were willing to save little could get the connection. The idea is to help the customers save and empower themselves. Many families across seven states are using cheap and easy to access solar power.


PosiGen started its operations in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. The hurricane destroyed many homes. At the same time, unfortunately, the devastating Hurricane Katrina displaced many families. For PosiGen CEO, it was time to restore things to normalcy. Thus, the government introduced 16 programs to aid fast recovery. But, these programs only helped the rich. Low-income families could not access these programs. 


PosiGen saw it wise to find a solution to this. They introduced cheap solar power, targeting low-income earners. Customers don’t have to pay for installation or maintenance with the leasing program.PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart has significant objectives for PosiGen solar power company. Besides cheap solar power, he wants to empower the benefiting community. 


Most of the subscribers to this solar power are low-to-moderate income earners. Thus, he ensures that he provides cheap power so these families can boost their local growth. They can also invest in technology that transforms their lives with access to power. PosiGen CEO explains how the company also provides employment opportunities. The solar company advocates for diversity. More than 65% of its employees are people of color and women. Such objectives help build these communities and bail them out of poverty.