Peter Briger is one of the principals of the Fortress Investment Group. He replaced Rob Kauffman after he left the company. The San Francisco-born entrepreneur is known for his unique approach in helping the company succeed, and he is also credited for developing unique strategies benefiting the company as a whole. Growing up in California, Peter Briger went to the Princeton University taking up a bachelor’s degree, and he took up an MBA at the University Of Pennsylvania- Wharton School Of Business to increase his knowledge in doing business. When he finished his studies, he tried looking for a company that specializes in business and finance, making it his first step to success. He spent two decades working with several businesses that specialize in business and finance, and the skill and experiences he got from these companies made him knowledgeable enough to become one of the next big things in the industry.

When he joined the Fortress Investment Group, he took up the role of being the board of directors’ co-chairman and the principal. He used his knowledge to help the company reach new heights, and he stated that by joining the Fortress Investment Group, he managed to share his knowledge on how to run the company. His leadership transformed the Fortress Investment Group into one of the largest private equity companies in the United States, and his expertise in the industry helped the Fortress Investment Group to grow its assets to more than $65 billion. Peter Briger has a vital role within the company, and he assured their clients that he would continue working hard for them to receive more profit.

Peter Briger recalled that back in the year 2002, he was proposing a lot of projects for the benefit of the company. He showed his colleagues that the projects he proposed would help the Fortress Investment Group go forward. By persuading his colleagues about the projects, they soon gave their permission to let his ideas go through, and he used it to offer the company as a public stock. He is also one of the proponents of introducing the company at the New York Stock exchange, and through his efforts, more than 8% of the company was traded to the public. Peter Briger considered the debut of the Fortress Investment Group to the stock market as a personal goal that came true. Today, he is working with his colleagues to think about ideas that would make the company stronger.