Jessica Dean, attorney at DOB+S
Jessica Dean, attorney at DOB+S


Jessica Dean grew up in St. Louis, Mo. in a loving family environment. Her parents instilled in her good work ethics and knowing the difference between wrong and right.

In 1999, Jessica Dean earned a BA in Political Science and a BA in Economics from Boston University. Jessica met people from all over the world, while living in Boston.

During college in Boston, Jessica Dean became friends with Amin Omar. He helped her survive the difficulties of law school. They became mock trial partners and trained under gifted lawyers. They worked in a trial setting right in the classroom, which taught them to think and to evaluate various problems.

Jessica became a license attorney after completing her education at the University of Texas School of Law, in Dallas.

Ten years later, Amin and Jessica also decided to open a law firm together.

Jessica was interviewed by Trey Branham, to represent people who ended up with a job related lung cancer. These people unknowingly developed this disease, from working around asbestos. She didn’t realize how many people had died from Mesothelioma, which cannot be cured, its progress can only be slowed down. This is cancer that develops in the lining of the lung. It is strictly caused by asbestos, it has nothing at all to do with poor health or smoking.

Trey gave Jessica books and articles to read, so she could learn about this occupational disease. These writings confirmed that many companies knew for a long time, that asbestos could cause cancer in their employees. And with this knowledge, these businesses kept this information hidden, while continuing to use asbestos. 

Jessica realized how much she wanted to defend these people, who had been victimized.

Doing this type of investigation takes months and sometimes, even years to finalize. This is expensive, hard, time-consuming work. Yet, being teamed up with Trey, Lisa and Amin helps Jessica stay empowered, to fight these battles as an attorney in the court of law. 

At this time, Jessica has decades of experience in the law industry. She works at Dean, Omar, Branham & Shirley LLP.