Pamela Baer, known as Pam Baer, is a leading citizen in the area of California known as the Bay Area. It encompasses San Francisco and the surrounding communities. She is a native of Texas. Her ties to the Bay Area are further tied to her husband who is the CEO of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

An article in CeoWorld Magazine highlights her life’s work. Pam Baer graduated from the University of Texas and then relocated to New York City. She was successful in the financial sector. Pamela Baer used this forum to develop her ideas of giving back to the community. Her marriage to Larry Baer led her to San Francisco where she has made her mark in the realm of philanthropy.

Pamela Baer’s focus has centered on health care and the needs of the less fortunate. This has taken her to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation and various nonprofits in the local area. The foundation has raised 250 million dollars to date.

Pam Baer belief in philanthropy is part of her makeup. She truly believes in the ventures she sponsors and supports. One example is the Hearts in San Francisco Project. Local artists design heart sculptures. They are then placed up for auction. The proceeds are directed to the foundation. Many are publicly displayed throughout San Francisco.

Pam Baer starts each day with coffee, meditation, and a walk in the outdoors. She is an advocate of getting outside to improve mental health. It is also a means of her receiving thoughts that relate to her activities.

Pamela Baer is continually compiling lists of tasks to accomplish. Her morning is filled with ideas relating to philanthropy. She is never finished with any project. There is always more to do. That is the way to move to a new level of giving. See this page to learn more.


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