Cloud Inventory users have been clamoring for the ability to automatically track and file without the need to re-enter item information. Data Systems International is excited to announce the availability of Cloud Inventory. More than 70 percent of manufacturers surveyed by DSI believe that Cloud Inventory is essential to increasing their competitiveness and revenue growth. Cloud Inventory provides companies the ability to reduce costs by improving visibility into their inventory and distribution network.

The introduction of a new feature called “Across the Supply Chain Complete Control,” allows Cloud Inventory users to do this by combining multiple systems in the cloud into a single location in order to manage and monitor the different tools, materials and materials used in the manufacturing process, as well as any sales process. “Through our use of Cloud Inventory and other DSI solutions we are able to report fast inventory data with less effort and time,” stated Larry David.

DSI Cloud Inventory provides direct Field Inventory Management and related processes across the supply chain in a cloud-based solution that is instant and dynamic, always accessible and available from anywhere, anytime. Cloud Inventory allows for full visibility into the assets in the inventory management pipeline, reducing hidden costs, improving risk mitigation and improving overall operations and inventory performance.

“Our customers are saying how it is vital for them to maximize their capital, manage their labor and maximize the ROI of their inventory investment,” said Rob Sherman, Executive Vice President, Products, DSI. “We have listened, and the latest release of Cloud Inventory is now providing a complete control over inventory and it is the place to start. We expect this innovative cloud inventory solution will continue to gain traction across industries, including supply chain management, logistics, engineering, industrial, warehousing, manufacturing and material handling.”

Cloud Inventory makes visibility across it easy the supply for manufacturers chain and distributors to manage as it all aspects moves within of their it, inventory from making it anywhere in easier to the world manage and. It offers global visibility into areas and processes in stock sourcing, at the purchasing, time of distribution, order, pricing, why the payment, order is delayed or service delivery simply doesn’t meet standard. Visit this page for related information.


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