Min-Liang Tan is a guru in the gaming world. He is renowned for being the brain behind Razer, a gaming brand whose timeless creativity amazes gaming lovers. Min, who began his career as a lawyer, stepped into the gaming sector with just a simple dream.

When he started Razer Inc in 2005 alongside Robert Krakoff, their goal was to create better gaming hardware like a mouse and further expose themselves to the competition in the gaming world. Today, the company has expanded, and it offers software, hardware, and even a payment wallet for gaming.

The first gaming hardware placed into the market by Razer under the leadership of Min-Liang Tan is the Boomslang mouse. The mouse provided better speed and precision, and gaming; it is the success attained by this mouse that drove the Razer CEO and his partner to work towards building other products as well.

Apart from making amazing gaming products, Min has also been among the people who have helped provide PPE kits during the pandemic. All his donations have been part of his philanthropic ventures.

Further, Min-Liang Tan has various current projects like Razer Banking. Once he gets the license, the bank will begin operations. The gaming mentality is what drives Min-Liang because he is always looking forward to the next challenge. He has become a futuristic thinker who is always looking for the next biggest opportunity for Razer.

As a result of his success, Min-Liang has been recognized as one of Singapore’s Youngest Billionaires. He is renowned for his committed workaholic management style, which is why he has achieved so much success. Tan is always thinking of the best way to find a solution to the challenges which Razer faces.

The most exciting thing about this self-made billionaire is that while most view him as a workaholic, for Min-Liang Tan, the ultimate goal is to have fun even as he continues to grow in the multi-billion industry. See related link to learn more.


For more information, visit: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/09/razer-min-liang-tan-gamer-mentality-behind-multimillion-dollar-brand.html