John Ritenour is from a predominantly working-class neighborhood located in the city of Pittsburgh. He, therefore, recognized the value of hard work since he was a young child. The young Ritenour would see several families struggle, and this made him work harder. He ensured that he worked so that he could go back to the community he came from. He also left with a lot of passion for helping other people achieve in life. He knows that the things he has in his life are centered on giving back to society.

The idea of giving back to society enabled John Ritenour to establish the Insurance Office of America. He has managed to create a philanthropic legacy in his career. The legacy includes his involvement in the 5K and other significant pursuits that have helped him uplift other people.

While establishing the Insurance Office of America, John Ritenour considered his entire expertise as an Insurance producer. He created the company with a desire to help producers to thrive. He would treat them as independent business owners, therefore, allowing them to get the uncapped commission. He developed ways to earn ownership at the company by creating a generation of more insurance entrepreneurs in the sector.

Today, there are more than 1,000 associates under America’s insurance Office in over 50 locations across the US and another international branch based in London. The company has continued to give back to the community under the IOA Foundation Inc’s assistance, and their primary aim is to help children from the day they are born to the day they step out of college. He is always persistent in his dreams and has always ensured that the foundation benefits reach society’s poorest.

John Ritenour has more than three decades in the insurance sector. He retired from the active operations of the business in 2018. Heath Ritenour took over the leadership after many years of training.

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