Gulf Coast WesternMatthew Fleeger is a very common name in the energy industry. The company, Gulf Coast Western, has become so successful over the years because of applying cutting-edge technology. Applying technology has helped them sell their products at a much lower price than that of their competitors. Matthew Fleeger Dallas has proved to his fellow executives that the company’s growth is a result of continued commitment to succeed.

Before taking over his current role, Matthew Fleeger served as an expert in medical waste disposal. He owned his own business, which he operated for more than one decade. Med Solutions was able to bring in a lot of innovation in the industry on how to handle bio-medical wastes. He then decided to sell the company to Stericycle, a giant in the industry, for around $60 million.

Matthew Fleeger Dallas has been very consistent with what he needs in life. He, therefore, put extra commitment to work since day one. Passion has always driven him to the right path, and he has at no moment thought of giving up. Sometimes the journey has never been as smooth as one may think. He has remained focused despite anything that may come up. Before joining the competitive industry, he acquired some training at the prominent Southern Methodist University for a degree in finance and marketing.

Matthew did not waste time thinking of what to do. He knew he wanted to become a businessman and therefore joined the industry with a lot of confidence. He trained himself to run a business successfully and lead employees or juniors in the right direction of success. After few years, every Texas Company admired his skills, and they all wanted to work with him. He started his career at his dad’s business before moving to Med Solutions for 13 years.

Matthew Fleeger

When he sold the company, he returned to Gulf Coast Western as the president. He has consistently worked on evaluating where to go. The family company is now moving across other states, creating partnerships, and acquiring new sites for explorations. He works with a team of professionals who are very clear on their goals.