The recent COVID-19 virus has placed tremendous pressure on the worldwide healthcare domain’s supply chain, infrastructure, and workforce and exposed healthcare to various social inequities. Moreover, the pandemic is also quickening changes across the sector besides forcing private and public healthcare systems to innovate and adapt within a short time. Additionally, various foundational changes are being intensified by the pandemic’s spread. For instance, increased involvement of consumers in making decisions in the healthcare sector; the quick adoption of digital innovations such as virtual health; the drive for data analytics and interoperable data’ and unprecedented private-public collaborations in therapeutics and vaccine development.

Further, amidst these shifts, healthcare professionals, payers, governments, and other shareholders worldwide are challenged to pivot, familiarize and innovate hurriedly. The 2021 Worldwide Healthcare sector outlook views six major issues pushing for change in the healthcare field. The ways in which stakeholders evaluate, comprehend, and counter these concerns will determine their capability to circumnavigate from recuperating to blossoming after the pandemic and enhance the healthcare sector for the future. Consequently, consumers are accelerating and driving dynamism in the healthcare sector. Their goals and needs are pushing harder for innovations in tools, services, and products relating to healthcare. Thus, their tastes and preferences are pushing the creation of on-demand, digitally enabled, and flawlessly patient-clinician interactions.

Mahmoud Khattab, Precision MD’s CEO, is Elk Grove’s internist in addition to being affiliated with numerous hospitals in California, including Sacramento Methodist Hospital and Sutter Medical Center. Additionally, Mahmoud Khattab acquired his degree in medicine from the University of Damascus and has been practising medicine for over 20 years. Being an internist, Mahmoud Khattab carries out the physical examination in patients and treats a wide-ranging spectrum of frequently experienced illnesses among women and men. Before founding precision MD, he worked at Marshall medical clinic based in Wisconsin. Moreover, he also worked at Dickinson Hospital based in Iowa.