Laura Mc Quade is remembered for exemplary leadership during her tenure in Parenthood of Greater New York. She is a visionary leader who has served in a senior position as CEO, President, and CFO. Laura McQuade’s track record is beyond expectations, for she has excelled in transforming the organizations. Laura Mc Quade is a strong advocate of human rights, women’s and girls’ health issues. She believes that women should be given a chance to serve and live their lives to the fullest without gender interference. Laura, in 2020 launched a consulting company Airmedh that has been at the forefront in advising leadership in both profit-making and non-profit-making sectors.

Laura Mc Quade worked as the President in a New York-based Parenthood organization since June 2017. She has immensely invested her life in enlightening people to reproductive and sexual health women. Her skills and experience have been geared towards empowering women and girls worldwide, influencing their future.

Laura’s expertise is more on developing and managing strategic Visions, and this has been critical more so in human resources transforming organizations for the better. Laura, in 2014 she worked in Kansas as a CEO and in Mid-Missouri, where she led to mergers; these mergers significantly impact people of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas for healthcare, education, enhancing advocacy to human rights. Laura has been fighting to strengthen human rights by using the laid down government laws meant to ensure adherence to reproductive freedom; this has led to the need to protect and respect human rights. One more thing about Laura is that she has worked in top executive positions in the Financial sector; for instance, she worked in the Financial Services Volunteer Corps. She furthered the organization’s mission by helping them come up with a sound financial management system. Her able leadership and business-minded experience benefited other affiliate organizations like Bank of America, United Nations Development Programme, etc.

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