Kristin Ihle is a career coach with over ten years of experience in human resources and talent development. In her articles, she discusses the importance of effective mentorship and how to unlock employee potential. Kristin has been featured in several publications, including the Daily Northwestern, Idea Mensch, Medium, and AVANT Leadership.

Kristin Ihle discusses the importance of mentors in her article on AVANT Leadership. She states that “mentors can help us see our potential, which we may not be able to see ourselves. They can provide guidance and support as we navigate our careers.” Kristin discusses how mentors can help us differentiate talent on the hockey rink and in business. She states that “mentors can help us identify our strengths and weaknesses, and they can give us advice on how to improve our skills.”

In her article on AVANT Leadership, Kristin also discusses developing a mentorship mindset. Kristin Ihle states that “a mentorship mindset is an approach to life and work where you are always looking for ways to help others grow and develop. It is a way of thinking that sees every interaction as an opportunity to impact positively.” Kristin discusses how the mentorship mindset can be developed by taking the time to listen to others, being open to feedback, and always looking for ways to help others grow.

In her article on Idea Mensch, Kristin Ihle discusses setting goals. She states that “goals give us something to strive for and help us measure our progress. Without goals, we can become stagnant and lose sight of what we are trying to achieve.” Kristin discusses how setting goals can help us focus our efforts and stay motivated. She states that “goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.”

In her article on Medium, Kristin discusses the importance of taking action. She states that “taking action is the only way to achieve our goals. Dreams and goals are worthless if we don’t take action to make them a reality.” Kristin discusses how taking action can help us overcome procrastination and self-doubt.

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