Many start-ups struggle to find success during their early days. Among the strategies that they heavily rely on to gain a stable footing in their sectors is marketing. Unfortunately, marketing for start-ups is not as straightforward as it is for established companies. Joseph Ashford has spent the last six years helping businesses of all calibers with their marketing through his multi-faceted marketing company, K4 Global. Leveraging his experience, the K4 Global owner recently came out to discuss his start-up marketing go-to tips.

Have the right team

Ashford, who is based in London, pointed out that for a start-up to run a prosperous marketing campaign, it needs to have a great team. This team will be responsible for coming up with a viable marketing strategy and executing it. This celebrated entrepreneur added that if you are going to outsource your marketing, it would be best to get a firm with vast experience in start-up marketing. On the other hand, you can consult an established marketing firm and implement the marketing strategy on your own, which is much cheaper.

Embrace social media marketing

Social media marketing is growing bigger by the day. This is because, more than ever before, social media has become an essential part of the lives of billions of people globally. As a start-up, you might want to take on traditional media marketing. The K4 Global CEO said you are likely to get better results if you go for social media marketing. This is because, unlike traditional media, social media offers you a chance to run targeted marketing campaigns. This means that your ads will reach the people who you want to be your customers effortlessly.

About Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford London had a prosperous managerial career in various sectors before becoming an entrepreneur. When Joseph Ashford is not engaged in business, he actively participates in philanthropic activities. The K4 Global owner is the founder of The Butterfly Foundation, which focuses on EB (epidermolysis bullosa).