Both James Gutierrez corporations, Oportun and Aura, were awarded the Treasury Department CDFI distinction. They applied and received the coveted designation. Despite having these prestigious awards, numerous CDFIs never scale. Without progress, they ultimately fail in handling the expanding customer base without much-needed development.

The majority CDFIs nationwide are non-profit organizations that objectively empower low-income families. James Gutierrez primarily focused on empowering the financially marginalized communities, especially the Hispanic descent. Countrywide, there are about 50 million underbanked and unbanked individuals. With such financial situations, experts estimated that half the nation would face detrimental setbacks in an urgent 400 dollar expense.

Without adequate savings, these individuals also suffer from limited lending resources. Without having viable expense coverage options, these individuals face significant challenges. Adequately scaling CDFIs requires advanced technology and well-thought-out models which could scale operations, efficiently serving millions. James Gutierrez advocates for public policy.

He is passionate about injecting novel schemes and strategies into California and the federal administration comprehensively. He enjoys supporting new organizations aiming at the system revolution championing equality for low-income families. With equity, all individuals can pursue the prophetic American Dream. James, a passionate social entrepreneur, believes everyone could achieve the dream without regard to conventional exclusion.

Gutierrez believes that promoting novel community-oriented ideas requires backing from influential individuals like State Representatives and Congress members. Particularly power individuals ardent about societal enhancement are essential. Cooperating with and considering these individuals could determine the implementation of transformative ideas, making them a reality. Investors are currently drawn to the ESG (Environmental Sustainability Growth) concept in corporations and stocks.

CEOs in organizations including BlackRock’s declared their investment interest in sustainable business with an overall social purpose. These innovative ideas, unfortunately, currently lack clear-cut definitions. These ESG policies will require standard parameters acting as guides.

A Brief History

With higher ESG ratings under set parameters, corporations and their investors could benefit from overall lower tax rates. Such a rating will promote better sustainability since the lower a rating is, the tax rates could be significantly higher.