The teenage years are usually the toughest for any child, no matter who they are.

There are learning a lot about life and themselves, and as a result, most become wayward.

Prince Philip, who passed on on 9th April 2021, seems to have been quite different from most, and taking this into account, it’s no surprise that he grew up to be an exemplary leader.

According to records from Gordonstoun, the school she was in from age 13 in 1934 to 1939, Prince Charles had his naughty moments as any teenager would but still maintained his kindness and good manners.

A 74-year-old revelation

Gordonstoun was founded in 1934, the same year that Prince Philip became a student there, and records show that he was the 10th student to be admitted there.

Dr. Kurt Hahn was an accomplished Jewish German educationalist who had fled Nazi Germany.

According to the report card issued by the Gordonstoun headmaster in 1947, Prince Philip was a commendable student.

At that young age, he wooed Dr. Hahn to become his formative figure and mentor. This allowed him to build a strong character.

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In his notes, the then headmaster of the institution wrote that the young prince was good-natured, ambitious, and naughty from time to time.

Throughout his time at the school, he remained kind-hearted and never let any challenge put him down.

The positive traits he has carried his whole life and have made the world a better place.

About Gordonstoun

This prestigious school prides itself in teaching its students to be outstanding leaders and team players while sharpening their minds academically and their physical ability through sports.

Today, it has grown to become a Co-Ed senior school with a department for junior students and a preparatory. It admits students aged between 4 years and 18 years in a day and boarding mixed model.

Gordonstoun’s uniquely well-rounded educational program has made it very attractive to parents looking to give their children the best education.

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