PosiGen is a company that specializes in affordable solar energy and energy efficiency. They are mindful of making sure that they offer things at an affordable cost with keeping extra mind of how much more financially difficult things are for those in low income as well as the community of people of color. At PosiGen, they desire to make a way where they can make it where financial limitations are never a reason for someone to not have access to solar power. The company got its start in the wake of all the devastation that Hurricane Katrina caused. Those affected were needing to rebuild their lives and homes. 


At the time this was going on there were sixteen different programs to rebuild the homes and make them stronger and better. This sounds fantastic until you realize that those programs were only available to the rich. Leaving the lower-income at a much more significant disadvantage at being able to rebuild and have the best protection against damage in the future. It was in the midst of this that PosiGen was developed; they believed that they could step in and help those at a financial disadvantage. Everyone deserves to have a safe stable home no matter how much or how little you make. 


PosiGen operates differently from most other companies as they will only install solar power if it will save the customer money. That is because they are committed to helping and developing low-income families and those at a disadvantage not filling their wallets. The families in need saw this and were eager to have them install solar power. It is a great example of if you do the right thing, you will get the right result. They are proud to offer their solar power services currently in five different states. PosiGen is currently present in Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. They are active on social media where you can follow them for even more insight on what they do. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Indeed, and Instagram. They have many customer reviews available right on their website for you to read anytime.