GCWMatthew Fleeger, currently the CEO of Gulf Coast Western in Dallas, helped overcome challenges that lead to the collapse of several oil and gas companies in many ways. The company started as a small family business founded by his father Fleeger, focusing on acquiring and refining domestic oil and gas reserves in its region and neighboring areas in Louisiana and Texas. Before he became a CEO, he received his undergraduate degree in Business administration at Southern Methodist University. Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western later obtained medical waste management and partner with the local start-up industry in med solution. These have dramatically helped boost his management skills as he worked to help health care industries with cost-efficient service and transportation.

Matthew grew up while seen his father operating the company. Matthew learned some of the techniques to use in the company’s operation as he took over as the CEO of Gulf. He made impeccable decisions such as exploring, which has been of great significance as he partner with other industries more leadership skills helped grow the company.

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western allowed different Joint ventures in Gulf Coast Western company. These enable the company to expand its operations by buying thousands of acres of land in the united state and opened more holdings in the most productive region of the united state. They also included drilling activities, which helped boost the company’s performance when oil and gas were facing some technological challenges.

Secondly, Matthew’s acquisition and partnership have played a vital role in ensuring that the company stands still despite the challenges. Through investment and partnerships, the company increased more drilling sites and actively produced oil wells that confirmed that oil was in plenty in all of its holdings.


Matthew Fleeger made sure there was transparency and trust in all his operations in the Gulf coast western. These dramatically helped both the company and joint venture grow significantly and attracted more joint ventures. The increase in the joint venture enables the company to leverage technological development resources and promise more profit in the future.