As a young boy, Joseph Ashford went through a difficult childhood. This was because of the deaths of his sister, mother, and father, which brought a lot of grief. Despite these tragic events, Ashford did not give up. Rather, he started being compassionate and appreciative of the small things in the world.

Just like normal teenagers, Ashford was quite unsure of what he wanted to do for a career. Ashford worked for several well renowned companies, most of which enabled him to acquire expertise and knowledge in corporate financial investments.

In the long run, Ashford wanted to have a bigger impact in the society by helping vulnerable people, and thus, he founded K4 Global, an organization based in Bournemouth, UK. The company offers numerous services from capital investment structures to property development to healthcare offerings.

One of the unique abilities of Joseph Ashford is identifying potential talent. When it comes to recruiting his staff, he does the recruitment process by himself and selects people who share the same ideas as his. Every new member is trained towards achieving the main goal of the organization.

K4 Global normally deals in investing or buying of other businesses. Ashford always considers the organization culture of a business before he closes a deal. Particularly, he tries to figure out whether employees have made investments in the business themselves. Ashford usually passes on a deal in scenarios whereby employees have not invested.

Joseph Ashford was filled with compassion when he learnt of the story of Mason White, a boy diagnosed with epidermolysis (EBI). EBI is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin by causing blisters and fragile skin. In honor of all children suffering from EBI, including Mason White, Joseph founded the Butterfly Foundation in Bournemouth.

According to Joseph Ashford, one of his deepest passions is K4 Global. The organization is located in various places in Bournemouth and across the U.K. As the founder and CEO of the company, Ashford tries to help small businesses reach their maximum potential.