Haroldo Jacobovicz has served in the information technology sector for more than three decades. Haroldo is a civil engineer by occupation; apart from being a successful investor, the civil engineer is known for using profits from his businesses to help the community. Jacobovicz is known to plan his humanitarian activities. In 2021, with his philanthropist crew, Haroldo gave about 250,000 reais to various institutions, including daycares, medical facilities, and animal protection groups, to assist the disabled and the elderly. Haroldo Jacobovicz is passionate about health matters, and part of his donations go to organizations that campaign for the prevention and treatment of cancer in children and the old. The entrepreneur marked his 60th birthday by launching a charity organization called Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute.

Curitiba based Haroldo Jacobovicz wants to take his humanitarian activities to the next level. He is raising the group, and by the end of its construction, the civil engineer plans to have a well-organized and dedicated team that will focus on communal matters. With his family, Haroldo has been part of community activities. Constructing the institution symbolizes the family’s dedication to humanitarian activities and will strengthen their efforts as they get nearer to the recipients. The Haroldo family manages the organization; Haroldo is the Premier, his wife Sarita Zlotnik is the vice Premier, the position of the legal director is taken by Valeria, while his other daughter Karina is the administrator. Haroldo and his team are preparing to reserve what they are currently doing and recognize new activities, including expanding new schemes on teaching, invention, and expertise.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the child of a German Jew and a Polish. While growing up, Jacobovicz looked up to his parents as they were a perfect example; he did not only follow their footprints in choosing his career but also in giving a hand to the community. Brazil, Curitiba based entrepreneur Haroldo mentioned that giving back to society was as important as success in your career and personal life. The civil engineer desires to pass the philanthropic mantle to the next generation.