Franci Neely: An Imprint former President understands Time is precious

Franci Neely is well-known for her involvement with the Houston-based literary arts group Imprint.

She also co-founded the Houston Cinema Arts Society and aimed to add diversity to the Houston community. She has been involved with the literary arts group for many years.

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Franci’s goal is to help people find time for themselves and to understand that Time is precious.

Imprint is a national nonprofit organization that helps artists and arts organizations achieve their goals.

It provides resources, support, and recognition to help artists thrive in their creative endeavors.

Franci Neely’s Involvement with Imprint

Franci is passionate about helping others and believes that arts can be essential to the healing process.

Franci collaborates with other team members to provide arts programming for their clients, which helps to promote socialization, independence, communication, and physical activity.

Franci is committed to providing quality care for her clients and is always open to new ideas to improve the program.

Neely is an imprint art caretaker, which means she helps preserve and promote the vitality of local art communities by providing services.

Her work has taken her around the country, but she says the heart of an arts community is always the artists.

Neely believes that artists are at the core of any vibrant arts community.

They are the ones who create new works and who connect with their audience on a personal level.

To support her local artists, Neely advises first becoming acquainted with them.

Find out who they are and what they do.

Then get involved in their work and see how you can help. She also suggests reaching out to your local arts organizations for support.


Franci Neely discusses what she believes is the essential thing people lack right now Time.

In a society that has become so technologically advanced, we have lost some of our crucial qualities like patience and contemplation.

The author then goes into the topic of the foundation that she created, which provides opportunities for kids to learn new skills to give them more time in their day.

Franci Neely believes that the arts can benefit everyone, regardless of age, ability, or socioeconomic status.

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