Franci Neely, Founder of Franci Neely Foundation

Franci Neely is a motivational speaker, author, and executive coach.

Franci’s passion is to bring hope and inspiration to those who have lost their way.

She is the CEO of the Franci Neely Foundation, which uses her life story as a vehicle for change.

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Franci Neely is a keynote speaker

Franci Neely is a philanthropist, businesswoman, author, and speaker who founded the Franci Neely Foundation. She has been an active community member for more than 20 years.

She was chosen as one of Detroit’s most influential entrepreneurs by Michigan Women Entrepreneurs in 2016.

Franci Neely in Fundraising

This year was no exception as Neely regaled attendees with her journey that led her to become an integral part of the fundraising for many cultural and medical organizations in Houston and across Texas.

Neely explained how she got started with this passion.

She had worked in banking but knew she wanted more out of life. She wanted to be able to aid people who were less fortunate than her.

Her Recognition

She has an impressive background, and she’s also a good role model for many people.

The Houston Business Journal has recognized her as a 2018 honoree in their annual Women Who Inspire Awards program, which honors women who have demonstrated leadership and success in business or civic life.

Franci was introduced to this award by her friend and mentor, Dr. James B. Hunt Jr., who reminded us all how important it is to be active citizens in our communities.

Franci also serves on several advisory boards, including the Houston Police Department Foundation (HPDF), Texas Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees & Heritage Society Board of Directors; Texas Children’s Hospital Youth Leadership Council Member; Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Region Advisory Board Member; the University of Houston System President Search Committee Member; Harris County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Chairperson (2016-2017).

Franci Neely is an influential woman

She has been a philanthropist for many years, and she’s been a leader in her community.

Franci Neely is also a role model for many Houston women who desire to impact the world.

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