Having a clear business trajectory makes it easier for one to develop and run a particular business successfully. The Fortress Investment Group was formed with a clear mission of transforming the finance sector. The company is performing exemplarily with its head offices in the New York. Since the year 1998 when the company was formed, it has been considered a pacesetter in the finance sector due to its excellent performance.

For the two decades that the company has been in operation, it has secured a wide geographical area of trust across the United States and the world in general. The Fortress Investment Group has extended its investment outreach to other investment programs such as real estate. The company has more than $41 billion worth of assets running under its management.

The pandemic came in last year and affected most company activities following the lockdown imposed on different parts of the world that were heavily affected by the virus. The company has diversified its customer outreach to different parts of the world by forming subsidiaries that facilitate the activities of the company without the need to visit the company’s head offices in the New York.

Note that the Fortress Investment Group founders are financial enthusiasts who have been in the finance sector for a long time. Wes Edens and Peter Briger, who are the company’s founding fathers, have been in the finance industry for more than thirty years serving in different companies. They then decided to establish a financial firm that will revolutionize the finance industry.

This was when the Fortress Investment Group was formed. The company’s principals are located in different parts of the country to diversify the outreach of the company. The firm has grown to great heights accommodating institutional and private investors from all corners of the world.