Carl DaikelerCarl Daikeler has been on a decades-long mission to help people build self-confidence and lead a healthy lifestyle. His early career included developing and producing halftime entertainment programs for the NFL’s live audiences. In the 1990s, he moved to the infomercial industry. His work in infomercial production showed him a few things. First, he learned that the demand for at-home fitness products was high. Second, he discovered the growing obesity epidemic in the USA. Finally, he came to realize what a hassle it is for a lot of people to go to the gym and to eat healthy food.

After considering how he could help people reach their fitness goals and build self-confidence, Carl Daikeler co-founded Beachbody. The program started small, with about a dozen workout videos. Demand for the videos soared. People wanted more workout options, so Daikeler went on to produce hundreds of them. Daikeler does more than just talk about fitness and confidence. He lives it. Program participants will notice that he’s featured in many of the workouts.

To make working out as convenient as possible, Daikeler and his team developed Beachbody on Demand, which was launched in 2015. Its popularity went sky-high in 2020 as a result of widespread gym, parks and aquatic center closures. His OpenFit app, which was launched in 2018, has also gained a lot more subscribers. OpenFit facilitates live workouts and offers personalized nutrition and social support for program participants.

In the past few years, Carl Daikeler and his team added a nutritional component to the Beachbody program, and they called it Shakeology. The purpose of Shakeology is to fill nutritional gaps that many Americans have in their diets. Shakeology is available in sampler packs as well as larger packages. It’s a protein powder that consumers mix with dairy or plant milk.


The powder has a whey formulation and a plant-based formulation option. The flavors include tropical strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel and more. The combination of protein, fiber and vitamins in each serving of Shakeology satisfies appetites and sweet tooth cravings. It’s a perfect complement to the Beachbody at-home fitness program.