While there has been widespread criticism questioning the legitimacy and competence of QNET as a notable MLM company, substantive evidence from the ground indicate that QNET is indeed one of the world’s renowned MLM firms that deals in direct selling. However, still, try as you may to explain to many people how this works, a majority of those that carry a negative notion still believe that the firm has done nothing to live to its name. Nonetheless, it has emerged that perhaps, no company within the MLM sector understands direct selling better than QNET Scam.

To get the perfect understanding of what direct selling involves, one has to go back when this business strategy started. For instance, you have to look back some 200 or so years ago. That would take one to about the 1800s during a time when although with minimal resources, salesmen and women travelled to carry out their various businesses. Fast forward, to the last 60 or so years ago, huge companies that had formed started to apply direct selling methods. Digging deeper into the subject reveals that companies such as Amway and Avon took the lead in employing this type of marketing.

Although QNET has done a lot in ensuring companies embrace Direct Selling, there is still need to do even more. Statistics show that while Direct Selling is present in many western countries, QNET believes that a lot needs to be done in places like Asia and the Eastern zone where nearly 44 percent of the businesses have embraced the marketing and business model. Africa, which has been identified as Direct Selling’s new frontier needs a lot of work. Industries, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and other industry stakeholders need to do more in using direct selling. It is for this reason that QNET is not stop at nothing until it ensures all businesses embrace the model. Learn more: https://healthyhappylifestyle.medium.com/answering-qnet-scam-questions-deciphering-the-truth-about-this-mlm-company-169a2e6eec6e