Edgard Corona is the CEO of Smart Fit, a leading health and fitness chain in Brazil. He is known for his innovative approach to creating an engaging customer experience and his commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Corona has led Smart Fit since its inception and has become a leading player in the Brazilian health and fitness industry. He is passionate about the company’s mission of providing accessible and affordable fitness services to the entire population of Brazil. Corona prides himself on creating a work environment driven by motivation and trust and is committed to building a better future for Brazil through his firm’s products and services.

Edgard Corona has been instrumental in transforming the fitness industry. His vision and leadership have helped to create an innovative and customer-centric approach to the fitness industry. He has implemented new methods of training and personalization to ensure customers get the best experience possible. Corona has also brought new business models to the fitness industry, such as the freemium model, which allows customers to access essential services such as gym access and classes for free while paying for other services such as personal training. This model has allowed Smart Fit to expand rapidly and become one of the most successful companies in the sector.

Corona has also helped to make fitness more accessible. He has implemented initiatives such as a platform allowing customers to access fitness classes and training sessions in their homes. He has also launched a platform enabling customers to access fitness classes and guidance online. Edgard Corona has had an immense impact on the fitness industry. He has helped to revolutionize how people view fitness and wellness and has given people access to fitness classes and guidance at a much more affordable price than ever before.