Edgard Corona, a Brazilian entrepreneur, and owner of Grupo Bio Ritmo, tell how he revolutionized the gym sector. He was interviewed by Glamurama Magazine and explained that his goal was to make exercise accessible for anyone interested in physical activity. He added that it wasn’t easy at all because there were minimal resources in Brazil.

To create change and persevere through the difficulties, Edgard Corona developed an innovative system called SmartFit. The idea was to create a space where people of all social classes could go and feel comfortable. He said that he used to go to the gym, but it was not well-lit, there were no mirrors, and many machines were in bad shape. He thought that if he could get enough investors on board to open great gyms, he could fulfill his dream.

The main goal of the SmartFit program is that people can access good quality services in well-equipped gyms. He also said he could get the money needed by working with other trainers who wanted to work in safer and better facilities. He also had help from investors who believed in his project and invested money. He added that SmartFit was a great opportunity to expand his business and offer better services.

When asked about his plans for the future, Edgard Corona said that he wants to expand his gym franchise, create more athletic classes and create programs for those who want to lose weight. He thinks that more than a good diet is needed for the purpose. He also said that he would like to join forces with other gym owners to create an enterprise that could help those who are overweight or have other disabilities.

At the end of the interview, Edgard Corona said that it’s important for people to realize how important physical activity is. They try to persuade us that we need technology and gadgets to do this, but this is not true. The human body needs motion. It’s up to us to take responsibility for our health, and he believes that people play a huge role in it. Go Here for related Information.