The fitness sector in Brazil stalled in 2020 as Covid-19 closed locations across Latin America. Edgard Corona has been one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Brazilian fitness sector. The entrepreneur has developed the Bio Ritmo brand and continues to diversify into new areas. A partnership with Anderson Silva is the latest strategy to build on the success of his business model.

Corona has developed the fitness brand, Bio Ritmo since 1996. The brand is now a large company with smaller brands launched into niche areas. The first gyms opened under the leadership of Corona and brought a new model to Latin America. In 1996, the gym sector in Brazil was small and lacked diversity.

Corona had lost control of his family’s sugar business and put his business skills to use in a new area. The chemical engineering graduate found success in the fitness and well-being area by identifying a new business model.

The SmartFit founder understood thousands of Brazilians wanted to work out at night and on weekends. His business model has developed since the SmartFit brand was created in 2008. Low-cost payment plans have developed the possibilities for gym memberships across Latin America. The brand has grown to bring fitness and well-being options to Brazil and ten nations across Latin America.

The COVID-19 lockdown closed gyms across South America. Edgard Corona remained strong in his belief that gyms were essential to keeping people healthy and happy. The opening up of Brazil and other nations has been accompanied by four new fitness brands under the SmartFit banner. Edgard Corona maintains his belief in the success of fitness and well-being as important to the success of people across Brazil.

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