Gordonstoun, an Elgin, Scotland-based top co-education school, was founded by Dr. Kurt Hahn.

He developed the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Gordonstoun working with Prince Philip.

The prestigious award was given to young people in almost 150 countries.

Born in Berlin to Jewish parents, Hahn was committed to integrity and morality very early in life.

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While attending German universities in Heidelberg and Gottingen and studying in England at the University of Oxford, Dr. Kurt Hahn developed rich pedagogical philosophies and a love for the British public school system’s features and facets.

Founding The Gordonstoun School

After leaving Germany, Hahn moved to Moray, Scotland.

Motivated by his love for shaping young minds and sharing knowledge and with local wealthy families providing financial backing, in 1934, he founded the British Salem School of Gordonstoun.

The name Gordonstoun came from the 13th-century estate it was built on.

With his focus on a broad academic curriculum and character growth, Gordonstoun gained a stellar reputation quickly.

Prince Philip was among the first 10 students at The Gordonstoun School and got the Moray Badge when he completed the ‘Six Declines of Modern Youth’. Created by Hahn, it included rescue services, fitness exercises, projects, and expeditions.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Moray Badge program was so successful, together Prince Philip and Hahn expanded it into a national awards program called the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Prince Philip saw it as a great way to develop well-rounded, productive citizens out of young men who finished their education at fifteen and at eighteen would enlist in National Service.

The program was launched in 1956 under Sir John Hunt’s leadership.

It helped young people improve their resilience, teamwork skills, and belief in themselves.

Girls were added and the program was implemented worldwide.

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