Dave AtrobusHe’s a web developer, technology director, software engineer and a dynamic entrepreneur. Dave Antrobus said he is driven to use his vast skill sets to create environments where others can achieve their best efforts.

Based in Manchester, Dave Antrobus is the co-founder and technology director for Fresh Thinking Group. The latter is an independent capital investment agency that focuses on creating developmental strategies that can bolster the bottom lines of businesses that are struggling. It can also create new pathways of profits for thriving enterprises.

All his knowledge and experience have been put to the test like never before in the past year and a half. That’s due to the historic economic impact and disruptive force of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dave Antrobus said uncounted thousands of business owners suddenly confronted challenges they could never have anticipated just a few months ago. The situation gives all new meaning to “the need to pivot,” Antrobus said. A mere “pivot” doesn’t begin to cover it, he added. Those businesses that didn’t go bust altogether have found it necessary to reimagine the very way they conduct their daily operations, according to Fresh Thinking Group data.

A big part of that has been the mass implementation of remote working situations. Antrobus said the learning curve has been steep for some. On the other hand, many business owners and CEOs have found ways to embrace the change and even prosper under “the new normal.”

Working in the new era swept in by the pandemic has not been something only for business owners to cope with. Individual employees have confronted a world of work that means taking on more self-management and self-supervising responsibility as they set up home-work environments and seek new ways to maintain productivity.

Working from home has entailed more than coping with getting tasks done, according to an analysis by Fresh Thinking Group. It has also meant creating a space conducive to work in an environment that can be either filled with the distractions of family –- or suffer from the consequences of isolation.

Dave Antrobus and the Fresh Thinking Group have played a key role for thousands of people as they make the adjustment to the Brave New World of a post-pandemic economy.