As of November 2020, ClearObject, an Indianapolis-based migration, and data analytics company, has been promoted to Premier Partner by Google Cloud. This honor is an acknowledgment of merit, recognizing the company’s proven ability to provide valuable solutions to customers worldwide.

Google continues to be one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms in the world. It offers exceptional security and has some of the most advanced machine learning and AI capabilities available. For over four years, ClearObject has been a Google partner, assisting customers with a variety of tasks including migrating their data to the cloud.

The company itself has been working with clients globally for over a decade, providing cloud services and data analytics solutions. Their results allow businesses to find more value within their data and ensure cohesion. This experience and history has been essential in the company’s growing relationship with Google Cloud and is what helped set the foundation for the promotion to Premier Partner.

Although the company has reached the highest status achievable through the Google Cloud network, ClearObject has no plans to stop growing. Their recently launched Growing with Google strategy is an example of this. The strategy showcases technologies that will continue to evolve and develop throughout 2021 and puts in place a new set of focuses for the company going forward. This will make ClearObject the partner of choice for prospective new clients looking to migrate information to the cloud with a company that will have the experience needed to accommodate their unique needs.

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