Caribou Caribou used Cuhu’s smart solution to implement a dispatch notification system in real-time and manage the vehicle and driver to improve efficiency and margins. This has permitted them to establish a sustainable organization and build new products to accommodate market needs. A simple, intuitive interface with a high degree of real-time customization was necessary for the product. It needed to be delivered on time to meet the needs of the Caribou drivers.

It needed to be very fast and yet reliable and robust in handling any weather conditions. After extensive testing, the app had to be made available to the 100+ drivers in 4 cities. There were initial hurdles like onboarding the drivers and their dispatch operators and updating the driver apps. A feature that had to be taken care of was the routing for deliveries. The routing software had to be tested thoroughly for the correct prediction of deliveries.

Caribou’s journey with Cuhu started in late 2015 and was introduced to the developers in early 2016. When it was introduced to developers, it was met with resistance and didn’t see success immediately. As a solution that was not seen as being marketable by anyone, Caribou turned to Cuhu. Caribou is an organization committed to customer-centric service and wanted to make an app to help them deliver the desired service. These days, most consumers are using tablets or phones to perform various tasks.

It makes the driver-centric parcel delivery service even better; the app needs to be light, fast, and simple to use. The company wanted an app that can do everything, just like a real-time courier. To build the app, the app developers joined Cuhu. Cuhu started working with Caribou as soon as the app was formed. The team of app developers was dedicated to creating an app that can have seamless integration with all the organization’s other systems.


Cuhu is a progressive software development company specializing in high-quality web applications and software development. As a partnership between Charlie and Dave, Chu offer the best in sales & marketing strategy, product design & development, and quality assurance. They provide a range of software products across the web and mobile devices; all backed up with best practices and a drive to innovate. The partner started with e-commerce for the consumer, and their first product was designed specifically for the consumer to engage with their devices, smartphones & tablets.