Digitalization has become an essential part of financial services, both accounting and billing. While the push for automating systems continues to grow, John Savignano says customers should think human instead of artificial intelligence.

Professor John Savignano is the CEO of Bottomline Consulting, a tax research and advisory company in NYC. He knows his stuff about taxes and what people do to hide income (and how to find them). His expertise includes helping clients understand everything they earn, spend and own so that they can comply with IRS rules.

Previously, he had a successful career working in various financial industry sectors. He was a consulting manager at PwC, managing auditing services for large publicly traded companies. At Carl Zeiss AG, he oversaw accounts payable systems and processes for one of Europe’s largest manufacturers.

John Savignano explains that he believes accountants must go beyond simple bookkeeping practices to understand the financial needs of people. His career spans nearly three decades, and he has worked closely with business owners who value the importance of understanding their customers’ perspectives. Technology can make life easier for accountants. They can automate tasks that used to require constant attention to detail—and help them get their jobs done faster. While these applications may not replace human bookkeepers entirely, they can relieve your accountant’s workload and allow them to spend more time doing what they do best; helping clients manage their finances.

Automation tools have made finance jobs easier to manage. With the help of software and online services, an accountant does not need to manually track numbers anymore; they can easily access data about the company’s financial position through spreadsheets, allowing them to make better decisions about allocating resources. The human element can work together with technology, John Savignano said. With technology replacing labor, accounting firms need to find new methods to offer revenues.

In conclusion, businessman and entrepreneur John Savignano says that accountants must focus on maintaining the human element within their profession. Accountants should not let automation limit them to numbers and instead look for ways to make themselves indispensable in their clients’ businesses. Source: Daily News