Bronco Billy is a musical play that is loosely based on the Clint Eastwood film. It was directed by Gary Grossman. The musical’s music and lyrics written by Chip Rosenbloom and John Torres. Additional song lyrics were written by Michele Brourman.

The musical play is about how the country has gone crazy. It’s went crazy because of politics, civil rights being threatened, and technology has really started gaining a lot of progress. All these things make it hard on Bronco Billy to keep his wild west show on the road. His wild west show is turned even more upside down when they cross paths with an heiress named Antoinette. She’s on the run and quickly makes their lives even more crazy in an already crazy time.

The musical play is mainly about having a family during turbulent times. Even if your family isn’t a blood family, but a family you make on your own. It’s also about fighting for your passions and goals. And fighting for your own identity in a confusing world.

Chip was interested in branching into musical theater after past forays into entertainment productions. He attended USC film school and became an independent filmmaker from there. He made Nails, Across the Tracks, Shiloh, Ride with the Wind, and Eight Days a Week. After his work in independent films, he moved onto documentary films and producing projects instead. He decided to branch off into songwriting for this musical after he had some success writing songs for a few different artists. Dayna Lane, Sheena Easton, and Rita Coolidge are a few of the different artists he’s written songs for.