Betsy DeVos has spent the majority of her adult life as a reformer and philanthropist. When she was in college, she was involved in campus politics. Since that time, she has remained politically active. She is especially well-known for the work she has done to promote private-choice, publicly funded school programs.


Throughout the years, she has led a variety of campaigns, political action committees, and organizations. She has also pursued reform through a variety of non-profit rules. She is the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This organization has donated thousands of dollars to charitable causes, religious organizations, and more.


Betsy and Dick DeVos started visiting the Potter’s House Christian School when their children were young. They felt frustrated knowing that children from low-income families did not have the same access to education that their children had. This got them started on their path to reforming education, including promoting education savings accounts, vouchers, and tax credits.


Betsy DeVos feels that one of biggest successes is the reform that took place in Florida. Residents of Florida have enjoyed the longest period of widespread educational choice in the nation through their tax credit scholarship program. The number of those being helped is constantly growing. These young ones can be educated at a school that is their family’s choice. She also feels happy with the progress that has taken place in Indiana and Louisiana.


While serving as education secretary, Betsy DeVos visited many schools and institutions of higher education. For example, she visited a charter school in Miami with Pitbull. This visit was made with the goal of showing that school choice expansion was her top priority.


Betsy DeVos has also spoken on digital learning. She feels that it is in its infancy and will grow to have greater influence as parents and children pick up new technologies.