ShakeologyCarl Daikeler is an entrepreneur who has been on a mission to help people boost their self-confidence. He hasn’t always been an entrepreneur, but his interest in fitness and nutrition has been the hallmark of his entire professional career. His first role was a producer for the NFL in its halftime show division. After five years, he entered the infomercial industry. In that industry, he observed that people were highly motivated to purchase items related to health and fitness.

Daikeler also noted that a growing proportion of Americans were overweight or obese in the late 1990s. His observations also included identification of a lot of gaps in a typical American’s diet. Busy people tend to get convenience and fast food, which is sorely lacking in fiber, vitamins and essential minerals. These observations and his skills at storytelling and capturing the attention of an audience led to Daikeler co-founding Beachbody.

The firm was founded in 1998. At first, the exercise program consisted of approximately 10 DVD workouts. Demand grew at a steady pace, and Daikeler and his associates started ramping up their production. Soon, they were making 20 to 30 new workout DVDs every year.

In 2009, they added Shakeology to the Beachbody program. Shakeology is the nutritional component of the total wellness plan. A user chooses the dairy-based protein mix or the vegan-based protein mix in the flavor of their choice. The available flavors include chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel and strawberry. When combined with the milk of the consumer’s preference, the protein powder creates a delicious, creamy shake that satisfies big appetites and a sweet tooth.


The combination of a fiber- and protein-rich meal and daily exercise helps p7eople lose weight and feel better about themselves. In order to make the whole process of wellness even more convenient, Carl Daikeler and his co-founder added Beachbody on Demand in 2015. The streaming service grew at a steady rate, but the global health crisis of 2020 yielded millions more subscribers for the plan. Their OpenFit app also added millions of subscribers. It launched in 2018 and features real-time online workouts and support.