Vik Bansal, managing director at Cleanaway, is a transformational leader with an excellent track record under his name. He has played an instrumental role in the growth of Vik Bansal Cleanaway, which was going through a rough patch in the industry. Vik Bansal conducted his due diligence in the company and decided to accept the position at Cleanaway and saw this as an opportunity to take the company from good to great. He is a transparent and inclusive leader, and this helped him to better manage the workforce at Cleanaway. He was dedicated in ensuring all employees worked towards the same goal in order to produce desirable results for the company.

His rebranding move was centered on sustainability which would later propel the company into an industry leader in waste management in Australia. Vik Bansal was also responsible for notable acquisitions over the years, which helped the company, Cleanaway, better focus on their goal of waste management in Australia. He also came up with the Our Cleanaway Way strategy that brought togetherness in the company and helped in boosting investor relations. Also, this strategy played a key role in guiding the company through the ever-challenging waste management industry.

Vik Bansal developed Footprint 2025, which was geared at long-term solutions of waste management through recycling in Australia. He also made strategic partnerships with key industry leaders such as Pact Group in the effort to minimize plastic pollution in Australia. In light of this, Cleanaway will open up two facilities that will aid in this venture.

Vik Bansal has many years of experience working for notable organizations across the globe. He uses this expertise to effectively guide Cleanaway into safe waters. He is a non-executive director for both the National Waste & Recycling Industry council and the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia.

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