Academy of Art University is an accredited, private, for-profit University with a main campus in San Francisco. The school was started in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, an artist, and philanthropist whose bequest formed the basis for the school’s founding.

The Academy of Art University offers undergraduate degrees in various subjects, including fine arts, design and media arts, fashion design, and marketing communications. In any case a student may want to transfer; the institution makes it smooth. They have an admissions reps to help learners make informed decisions without losing their credits.

The institution recently announced the inception of the School of Web Design & New Media, now referred to as the School of Interaction & UI/UX Design. According to the directors, Pimentel and McHale, the new name matches what students learn and do in class. UI/UX mainly stands for the understanding and use of information to create an intended visual interpretation. They further invite all students with a passion for solving problems using design knowledge to apply for a chance. The management further stresses that the School of Interaction and Design will assist learners in gaining comprehensive skills intended for contemporary interactions.

The College offers its students in-campus residence, among other services. Living on campus offers many benefits to students. Collaborate with Your Neighbors: Living on campus means you will meet other artists who share your passion for creativity. You’ll be able to collaborate with neighbors on projects and find inspiration from their work and yours. Collaboration among peers can help you develop your skill-set faster than working alone! There is much more to discover and enjoy on campus, including taking part in information tours, open learning, and other opportunities.

The Academy of Art University is a world-class institution best suited to prepare students for professional roles. It is highlighted by Vogue Business for Art education, among other recognitions. Learn more about Academy of Art University