According to the World Economic Forum, 100 of the world’s most promising technology pioneers were chosen this year. From healthcare to other industries, these businesses define the industrial division.

Six continents were represented, including 26 economists with more experience than those in Silicon Valley’s usual tech circles. ZeroAvia is one of the potential pioneers, reports ZeroAvia reached the list thanks to their revolutionary hydrogen-electric powertrains for airplanes. Among many applicants for technology pioneers, the business was a finalist. The firm has a lot to offer, particularly in terms of dependable solutions for reshaping the aviation world by removing traditional engines from commercial airplanes.

Val Miftakhov has been invited to participate in the World Economic Forum’s activities, events, and debates this year after his company being named a technological pioneer. ZeroAvia will contribute to the event by participating and assisting global leaders in addressing significant industrial and societal challenges.

Susan Nesbitt, the leader of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovative Community, expressed her delight at ZeroAvia’s commitment to the development of technology that would benefit society and solve critical challenges. They anticipate ZeroAvia’s participation in the World Economic Forum.

Val Miftakhov also expresses the company’s thanks for the World Economic Forum’s recognition of their work. It’s an indication, he explains, that their firm has the most cutting-edge technology in the world.

ZeroAvia pioneered revolutionary aviation that produces no emissions. They concentrated on developing hydrogen-electric systems and identifying potential markets. The firm utilizes ten to twenty-seater aircraft with a 500-mile range for personal travel, transportation, freight, and other events.