Dr. Mahmoud Khattab is the proud CEO of Precision MD. A little bit about his background is that he attended medical school at the University of Damascus which is located in Syria. He graduated there in July of 1993. Dr. Mahound Khattab completed his residency at the well knows Case Western Hospital. That is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and is considered one of the most elite institutions in the health care industry. Even with all his dedication, hard work, and education, it does not mean that Dr. Mahmoud Khattab knows everything and that there is nothing new for him to learn. On the contrary, there are lots of new things to learn in healthcare that is to be expected. The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge example of that. The pandemic put lots of strain on different industries. However, none as much as the health care industry. As if dealing with such an increase in sick patients and figuring out how to best help them while allowing them to stay connected to their families was not a hard enough task to accomplish. Then there were other issues brought to light within the health care industry that was not thought about before. Such as how unfortunately economic situations played a part in what could be done in terms of care. If you are living paycheck to paycheck then were told to quarantine out of precaution you likely could not afford to do that. There were also the issues that all in health care had to deal with such as a shortage in healthcare supplies. It was such a shortage that those in the health care industry had to come up with safe effective alternatives to take care of this large amount of new sick patients along with the patients they already had.