Fortress Investment Group is a global leader in investment management, with assets worth over $53.1 billion. Its clientele ranges from private investors and institutional clients across real estate, private equity, etc. It has affiliate offices around the world, with headquarters in New York. The team works towards client benefit to acquire adjustable returns in the long run. They have a deep knowledge of the market with expert staff that ensures maximum returns for its clients. Its business department specializes in asset acquisition and management.

Private equity and credit funds benefit from a broad range of investment assets. Their experience has given them expertise in other fields such as pricing, owning, and financing. It has acquired substantial knowledge of the industry by executing its investment duties to its clients. Working with leading companies, Fortress Investment Group has developed a group of professionals with sector-specific expertise. Over the years, it has refined several useful tools when assessing operational, structural, and strategic challenges. The tools allow it to access and extract value from complicated challenges.

Since it works in investment and asset acquisition, it has gained quality experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions. Hence, they can work with the board of directors, management, and stakeholders to develop optimal structuring and investment acquisition within New York and outside. Their comprehensive knowledge of the capital market ensures they access an asset before investing to ensure low financial risk and cost. Fortress Investment Group has been operational since 1998; it has grown to become a global leader by using solid corporate policies and strategies to maintain operations. Its board of directors has set procedures to ensure the highest integrity and accountability in business.

Fortress Investment Group prioritizes inclusion and diversion to ensure quality service delivery to its clients. By employing skilled staff from diverse cultures to ensure they incorporated different ideas which are applicable in the business. It has built an inclusive environment for its employees where they feel valued despite any differences. The diversion and inclusion committee ensures accountability and proper allocation of resources by incorporating representatives.