Traversing the Country in Greyhound Buses and meeting the other side of the society-The Story of Doug Levitt

They say that the types of experiences one has when they are growing up shape him for a particular destiny. Well, Doug Levitt had quite an eventful life, especially his teenage and this is probably one of the things that made him so empathetic to the human condition. He grew up in the DC public school system before he joined college. He acceded to the London School of Economics after his undergraduates under a Full Bright Scholarship and studied international relations.


The one event that played the most important role in shaping his destiny was his father committing suicide when Doug was a teenager. His father’s sad demise left a lot of questions in Doug about the human condition. He started his journey in the Greyhound buses ten years ago. His main aim of the project was to meet people from the other side of the society that most people do not like interacting with. The Greyhound buses, for example, are a favorite for people such as prisoners that have been released from the correctional facilities and are trying to make their way back to the society. Doug states that through his interactions with these people, there is a lot that he had learned about the community.


Before he started his journey, Doug Levitt was a very successful foreign correspondent for the international media houses. He worked with CNN and MSNBC on various projects and in locations such as Iraq and other war-torn countries like Rwanda and Kosovo. The job is another opportunity that Levitt got to deal with people that were at their lowest. All these are events that he recorded, and the result was the beautiful album by the name of Greyhound Diaries.


He narrates the story of one of the men that he met in the Greyhound buses. The man had just been released from the system and had all the tattoos to show the situation. He was generous enough to tell him everything he wanted to know about the inside and even let him take the seats as he slept on the floor. Doug clearly has been through enough to understand the human condition entirely.




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