Ross LevinsohnWhat do Fox News, Yahoo and the Los Angeles Times all have in common? Well, they are all companies that media executive Ross Levinsohn has helped lead during his long and successful career. Today, Levinsohn is the CEO of Maven, a media company that, among other things, manages Sports Illustrated Magazine.

A pioneer

As early as the 1990s, Ross Levinsohn saw how the internet was going to transform the world of print communications, and he helped the publications he was leading get ahead of the curve and get their content online. In this way, he was a pioneer of the digital age because he was proactive, rather than reactive, when it came to this emerging medium, and he was a driving force in positioning the brands he represented in a new era.

Old-school skills

Even as Levinsohn helps make Maven a leader in the world of digital publishing, he is, at heart, an old-school writer and publisher. With a degree from American University, he fully understands and appreciates all of the more traditional elements that go into great writing. In short, he is someone who is comfortable with both the old and the new. Levinsohn is comfortable with the latest apps, but he also leaves notes for himself on yellow post-it cards.

To conclude, Levinsohn has had a remarkable career in publishing over a period of profound transition. Moving forward, there is every indication that the many publications he leads and develops will continue to flourish.